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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, there was harmony throughout the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance community. Then, everything was trumped! Only the Slayyyvatar can restore the unity within GAPA and save the world. Join us for San Francisco’s most popular annual pageant that celebrates the gaysian community — where candidates will vie to be crowned Mister and Miss GAPA, and where the new Slayyyvatar shall fabulously re-emerge.

Save the date, August 26, and join for an amazing night of airbending, genderbending, and much more!


Check out the VIP Reception prior to the show!

VIP Reception

To celebrate the 29th Annual GAPA Runway Pageant, we’re welcoming you all to join us at the VIP Reception pre-show (5:30 PM – 7:00 PM) AND during Intermission at the beautiful Herbst Theatre Performer’s Lounge.

The VIP Reception gives you exclusive access to our judges (Amini Fonua, Frances Chung, Anny Hong, Evan Low, and more!), past Mister + Miss GAPA winners, and others in this awesome community we’ve created for ourselves.

Enjoy free drinks + snacks, take photos, slay in your own way.

Buy tickets here:

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About Us

Who we are

The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) is a 501c(4) non-profit social welfare organization. For 30 years, we have been a vanguard for social and political justice in the San Francisco Bay Area, engaging in activities to tackle and advance the myriad of issues affecting the Asian and Pacific Islander lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community (API; LGBTQ).

From events like the Lunar New Year party to lobbying our lawmakers, we represent the community to reach out and educate the community at large and to advocate for our interests and well-being. Anyone who believes and adheres to our mission and values is considered a part of us. That has allowed our vision to flourish and has remained a keystone to our success.

Our History

GAPA was formed from the need for an organization to address, through a democratic process, social, cultural, and political issues affecting gay and bisexual APIs. In July 1987, several members from the Asian Gay Men’s Support Group at Berkeley’s Pacific Center met and discussed the need to integrate and nurture a growing gay and bisexual API identity and to foster positive role models within the community. After several monthly meetings and a business retreat, the GAPA was formally organized in January 1988.

At the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, GAPA created an informal HIV+ support group for its members. It formed the GAPA Community HIV Project (GCHP) to address the impact of HIV/AIDS. GCHP would later grow to include women, youth and ethnic-specific monolingual groups to become the Living Well Network. The Living Well Network would later merge with the Asian AIDS Project in 1996 to become the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center.

Cultural outlets endure including the GAPA Men’s Chorus and GAPA Runway, now managed by GAPA Foundation, an organization inspired by GAPA and one that is dedicated to exploring critical issues that affect our community and supporting innovative programs and individuals seeking solutions to those issues.

Our Mission

We aim to further the interests of and serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning Asian and Pacific Islanders in the San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond).

  • Provide resources, safe spaces and visibility for the API LGBTQ community.
  • Establish communication & network with local, national, and international groups to share our concerns and visions.
  • Enhance participation of API LGBTQ leaders in civic and political engagements.
  • Counter homophobia, racism, & HIV/AIDS stigma through community education and positive actions.

The Board

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